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        InHouse Co. offers flat-fee pricing for many of its services or a monthly fee for acting as in-house counsel for your company.  We offer set and predictable arrangements to accommodate our client’s budget.  On certain matters we will consider providing service on a part cash / part equity basis. 

        Our in-house services help you reduce your reliance on frequent and costly consultation with unfamiliar outside counsel, so that you can focus on growing your business while we monitor and handle the legal issues that arise when companies emerge, grow, and evolve toward success.

        Moreover, by knowing the market, your competition, and your company’s desired space in the market, we are able to devise a cohesive IP strategy to safeguard and advance your business objectives and success.

        Our Estate Planning services are always based on a flat-fee arraignment. Please inquire with one of our Estate Planning attorneys for more information.



        Regardless of the size of the client - be it an emerging growth company or a multi-national corporation - legal fees are always a concern. We certainly understand that clients must carefully budget their limited resources.

        We have several methods of charging for our services. One such method is with an hourly rate. Our rates are not only competitive with those of larger firms who do the same kind of sophisticated litigation work, we also spend less time to complete legal tasks as we have likely handled similar matters previously and do not have to climb the learning curve.

        In this context, we further reduce legal service fees by utilizing associates and paralegals, which leads to a significant difference in total fees.

        Depending on the matter, we may also accept a partial fee/partial contingency arrangement. We understand that in certain matters, the client needs to be able to litigate throughout the entire process and we are often willing to accept a stake in the client’s interests.

        Likewise, we also offer flat fee arrangements for certain transactional work.

        Due to our understanding of the general nature of certain transactional legal work, we are able to estimate fees with high accuracy. Accordingly, our clients have the reassurance of knowing the likely cost before we start work.

        Ultimately, we know that our clients value excellent legal services at reasonable rates and that is what we aim to deliver.


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