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Cross Border Commercial Debt Collection & Dispute

Where large commercial debt has been incurred as a result of bad faith withholding of payments by large corporations, a task force of specialized attorneys capable of retrieving payments is needed to represent the creditors. This issue is becoming more and more prevalent as China becomes a manufacturing powerhouse and the United States dips into a prolonged recession. Many of the US companies are strapped for cash and are negligent in making payments to the Chinese manufacturers.

Specifically, we have noticed that many attorneys in China are unfamiliar with the legal landscape in the United States and are having difficulty advising their clients as to the available legal remedies. In fact, we have experienced a surge of inquiries in this specific field and have handled enough of these cross-border legal disputes to make us experts in this field. Our Chinese-American staff and attorney are fluent in Mandarin with in-depth knowledge of both the dynamics of manufacturers in China and the legal landscapes in the US.

Traditional US collection agencies are not ideal in settling matters of this nature. Typically, such agencies ask up to 50 percent in contingency fees on the recovery. Therefore when the outstanding balance is in the several hundred thousands, creditors ended up paying enormous fees. Our firm provides a partial contingency/partial legal fees arrangement that reduces the client's legal bills, lowers the contingency split and aligns the attorney's interests with those of the client.

In addition, traditional US collection agencies cannot file lawsuit in civil litigation. They often rely on outside law firms to carry out the litigation process.

With InHouse Co. Law Firm, you are directly engaging an experienced litigation firm that has a successful track record of gaining judgments in the millions, and that is capable of operating with ease between the borders of Asia and the United States.