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Alexander Chen, Esq.
Of Counsel


Mr.Chen is highly regarded and has been faithfully serving numerous traditional and high tech businesses based both in the US and Asia since he began practicing law. The size of these businesses range from startups to multinational corporation with over 1000 employees. He has accumulated a wealth of experience in practicing intellectual property law, corporate law, real estate law and business-related-immigration law. He is now essentially serving as de facto inhouse counsel for more than a dozen high tech and traditional companies in the and US and Asia. Some of the clients he has represented are:

Eagle Eyes Traffic Industry LTD, (Worldwide Third-Largest Vehicle Light Manufacturer)
JBC Safety Plastic, (Leading Manufacturer of Traffic Cone Related Products In the World)
Further Material Inc, (Leading Manufacturer of Semiconductor Cleanroom Equipment)
ANZOUSA, (Leading Vehicle Accessories Manufacturer and Distributor in the U.S.)
EYE-OJO EYE Wear, (Leading Manufacturers of Eye-glasses In the World)
BSM Enterprise (Top Manufacturer of Party Supplies In the World)
Huayi Brothers Media Corp. (Publicly Traded Film Production Company In China)
Manhattan Hotel Group Co Ltd. (Publicly Traded Hotel Management Company in Taiwan)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Best Buy, Co.
Office Depot, Inc.
Keystone Automotive Industries
LKQ Corporation Inc. (NASDAQ:LKQ)
Keystone Automotive Operatons Inc.
Dorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ:DORM)

Due to his familiarity with the legal nuances particular to Asia, Mr. Chen is adept at handling contentious, high dollar amount, cross border, legal proceedings. While such cases are often complex, involving clients with multiple countries of citizenship, assets distributed worldwide, and clients requiring discretion, Mr. Chen has a proven track record of successfully and discretely representing his clients.

With respect to intellectual property matters, Mr. Chen has effectively filed and prosecuted over two hundred patent applications within the United States and abroad (associating with foreign law firms) and having more than 130 of them issued in the United States alone. The subject matters included business method, computer software, electrical engineering-related inventions, pharmaceutical composition, amino acid sequences, bioinformatics, method of treatment, electrical engineering, and mechanical and medical device inventions. Likewise, Mr. Chen has successfully prosecuted and obtained Trademark Registrations in various countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, and Taiwan.

In addition, he has been involved in several intellectual property related litigations in the United States District Courts. Some examples of IP related cases that Mr. Chen has been involved in include Modern Fence v, Qualipac No. 08-C-0543 (Trademark infringement); Momento v. Seccion Amarilla 09-16241 (Copyright Infringement); CICAS, Inc. v. Med-Surgical Services, Inc. (Patent infringement). One of Mr. Chen's key strategies is to utilize Inter Parte Re-examination procedure through the USPTO to defeat or sidetrack the opponent's Patent litigation. With Mr. Chen's direction, Inhouse Co. defeated U.S. Patent D484,647.

Mr. Chen's work in intellectual property law began with an internship for biotechnology company Affymetrix, Inc. in Santa Clara, California. Prior to joining the Inhouse Co Law Firm, Mr. Chen was a staff attorney at an intellectual property boutique law firm in Cupertino CA.

Alexander Chen has founded various business ventures, one of which was awarded by Entrepreneur magazine as a Top 100 Fastest Growing Small Business in America and went on to become a publicly traded entity listed on the NASDAQ. With vast experience at his disposal, Mr. Chen concentrates his practice on litigation, commercial law and intellectual property. His expertise includes cases involving complex multi-district litigation, complex intellectual property transactions, and various matters concerning corporate transaction.

Mr. Chen also has extensive knowledge in practicing business & investment immigration law, something he excels in due to the breadth of his unique background. His commitment to in serving his clients with uncompromising dedication to his clients allows him to specifically handle complex business immigration clients from Asia concerning the subject matters of Regional Center formation, EB5 investment immigration, L1 intra company transfer and EB1 visas. Chen is a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and his philosophy is always to evaluate all possible avenues to aid with the client's EB 5 proceeding and to provide realistic counseling. He understands the sensitivity of each case and how his efforts will have an impact on a client and their loved ones. Always an advocate for EB5 fair pricing, Chen has emerged as a powerful EB5 immigration advocate in both the northern and southern California Chinese communities.

Something he enjoys doing on the side to assist the needed ones, Mr. Chen also has extensive family law experience specifically in parental rights, adoption and assisted productive technologies

Alexander also has a personal blog at www.alexchenesq.com that specifically addresses the issues concerning Intellectual Property Case Law Developments and China-US cross border transactions & disputes.

Recent Cases

Momento, Inc v. Seccion Amarilla USA

A copyright and antitrust case in the Northern District of California. Inhouse Co. obtained a preliminary injunction against defendants and eventually a favorable settlement against major Seccion Amarilla USA (Seccion Amarillo, Mexico, TelMex, Carlos Slim) which was represented by Mayer Brown.

Tan Tee Tan v. U.S. Bank, et al. (October 2010)

Successfully represented two co-defendants (J&J Seafoods, Inc.),in a two-phase trial, against a claim of conversion and punitive damages in a jury trial, which resulted in dismissal of both defendants.

Modern Fence v. Qualipac Home Improvements

Successfully represented defendant concerning trademark infringement and antitrust matters in a jury trial, which resulted in full dismissal of the defendant and invalidation of the asserted trademarks (Reg. 291700 & Reg. 3337669).

CICAS, Inc. v. Med-Surgical Services, Inc.(December 2011)

Successfully represented plaintiff in a patent infringement action wherein favorable settlement was reached with the defendants. Patens in suit were Pat. 6,167,296 Method for volumetric image navigation; Pat. 6,529,758 Method and apparatus for volumetric image navigation; 6,850,794 Endoscopic targeting method and system.

CP6SV LLC, v. Zheng et al.(January 2012)

Successfully represented defendant in a $500,000 breach of lease agreement action wherein favorable settlement was reached resulting the plaintiff dismissing the suit.

Shi v. Massage Journey Inc. et al.(February 2012)

Successfully represented defendants in a sexual harassment action wherein favorable settlement was reached shortly before jury trial.

Lung Sheng Co. v. K2 Automotive Inc. et al.(March 2012)

Successfully represented plaintiff in a patent infringement action wherein favorable settlement was reached with the defendants. Patent in suit was Pat. 7,287,876 Cold cathode fluorescent lamp lighting device.

Aldo Secaida v. Royal Distribution, Inc. (March 2012)

Successfully represented plaintiff in a copyright indemnification action wherein favorable settlement was reached with the defendant.
East Jordan Plastics v. Ainong USA (2012)

Successfully represented defendant in defeating a trademark infringement preliminary injunction in the U.S. Central District Court of California. The trademarks in suit weer Reg. 1,587,878; Reg.2,555,659; Reg. 1,373,862 (2012)

WRI Golden State LLC v. Hoi Vo et al. (2012)

Successfully defeating plaintiff's request for order of issuance of writ of attachment and obtaining a favorable result in the settlement for a breach of contract lease in the Superior Court of California Santa Clara County.(2012)

Qi v. Lu et al. (2013)

Successfully represented defendants in a breach of contract action and obtained a judgment in excess of $200,000 against plaintiff in Superior Court of California Orange County.(2013)

Chattery International v. Jolida (2013)

Successfully represented plaintiff in reaching amicable resolution regarding trademark infringement allegation in the U.S. District Court of Maryland. The trademarks in suit were Reg. 3,134,802 and Reg. 3,209,962 (2013)

Asystech et al. v. Eagle Eyes Traffic Industry, ANZOUSA, and Keystone Automotive (2013)

Successfully defended Eagle Eyes et al. in the Federal Court of the Eastern District of Wisconsin regarding allegations of infringement of five utility patents resulting amicable resolution to the matter. The patents in suit were 5,5653,548 Method and Apparatus For A Ball and Socket Joint; 5,07,133 Automobile Headlamp Adjuster; 6,913,374 Sliding Style Headlamp Adjuster; 6,979,109 Sliding Style Headlamp Adjuster, 7,264,376 Adjuster and Bracket Assembly. (2013)

East Jordan Plastics v. Ainong USA (2013)

Successfully represented defendant in reaching amicable resolution regarding trademark infringement allegation in the U.S. Central District Court of California. The trademarks in suit were Reg. 1,587,878; Reg.2,555,659; Reg. 1,373,862 (2013)

Wong-Po v. Ghafari-Saravi, et al.(2013)

Successfully represented plaintiff in construction defect case and obtained recovery for client in San Mateo County Superior Court (2013)

Zhang et a. v. Phum et al. (2014)

Successfully represented plaintiff in trial in the United States Eastern District of Bankruptcy Court with a verdict against defendant recovering six figure damage award. (2014)


      • University of Illinois, Chicago, M.E. of Electrical Engineering
      • California State University, Fullerton, Post Bacc of Molecular Biology
      • Santa Clara University School of Law, J.D. � Cum Laude
      • University of California, Berkeley, B.A. of Economics

Bars and Courts Admitted

      • State of California
      • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
      • U.S. Court of Appeal, 9th Circuit
      • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas
      • U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
      • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California
      • U.S. District Court, Southern District of California
      • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin
      • United States Patent and Trademark Bar

Professional Memberships

      • American Immigration Lawyers Association
      • American Bar Association
      • California Bar Association
      • Orange County Bar Association
      • American Intellectual Property Law Association
      • Taiwanese American Lawyers Association
      • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


      • Mandarin
      • Taiwanese

Social Responsibility

      • Alexander Chen is currently serving as a honorable member of the board of directors for the Association of Christian Character Development, a Nonprofit Organization

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